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In case anyone missed it, I've become slightly addicted to The Mentalist in recent weeks. 

I believe that I've gone through about 95% of the good Jane/Lisbon fic out there (I WILL NOT REFER TO IT AS JISBON, C'MON NOW).  I've been borrowing Season One and Season Two DVDs from the library.  I've been hitting up the Mentalist Wikipedia.

So I was bored at work the other day and thinking about the show and the characters (mostly Lisbon because I think I am INFATUATED with her omg) and then I got to thinking about Red John  =) 

This is 100% speculation on my part, no spoilers.  

I kind of want Red John to be... 


Like, a part of me is HORRIFIED by that.  But then another part of me thinks that would be The Best Twist Ever.  

Ok, just, I ended up googling this and found this excerpt that someone wrote about this possibility.  I'll just leave this here.

First, we've known from the very first episode that Jane has a 'sleeping problem'. This theory is reminiscent of the technique used in the brilliant 'Fight Club' in which the main character has an alter ego that takes over when he goes to sleep. Granted, it would be impossible for Jane to do everything that Red John does on his own, and in only 6-8 hours a day. But read on.

Second, in the season 1 episode 'Red John's Footsteps' we meet Rosalind (the blind girl that had a relationship with 'Red John'). We see the red smiley over the bed where Red John and his love interest would have slept. Again back to the first episode, we know that Jane continues to sleep in his house, underneath the red smiley. Red John obviously likes to mark his territory, and this could be an unconscious move on Jane's part.

Third, the mere similarities between the two are uncanny. They are both obviously beyond brilliant and have repeatedly displayed unbelievable powers of deduction, manipulation, and charm. Almost everyone that Jane encounters, if he so chooses, comes under his influence to such a degree that they are willing to not only agree with him, but even to break laws for him. Even those that are supposed to be of outstanding moral character (the team and others in CBI) are swayed by his mental prowess. It's very clear that 'Red John' is, in fact, an elaborate network of people that are possibly all being used by just one criminal mastermind, and in this aspect, Jane is a perfect fit.

Lastly, we know that Jane's own morals are very suspect. Now, while it's true that 'no one is perfect,' I've never seen a show where the main 'good guy' is portrayed in such an openly narcissistic and psychopathic mindset (other than House M.D. maybe, but even then, House has obvious and glaring mental and social problems that are the focus of the show). Not only does he influence others to do wrong, but he obviously has no problem breaking rules and laws himself. Now, he claims that he is willing to suffer the consequences of his actions, but he never ever does. E.g., back once more to the very first episode. Jane was suspended for meddling to such a degree that a woman murdered her husband in cold blood. However, he manipulated the situation to his own benefit once he felt like it, and was able to cut his suspension short by going over Lisbon's head. The more obvious example is the first and second episodes of the current season (4). Jane easily manipulates a jury into letting him get away with blatant murder, and then proceeds to twist arms and bend rules to get his own way and have the team reinstated, simply because he wanted it that way. We've seen a slow but steady decline in Jane's ethics that could very possibly find their end in Red John. {C}[2]Added by Mulder.glenThis theory has endless possibilities that would be like Christmas for the writers. Jane could spiral downward and end up completely overtaken by Red John. He could realize his own predicament and keep it a secret while fighting it by himself. The team could discover the truth and confront him, or try to help him. It could be revealed and Jane takes over, finally beating Red John and then continuing on to dismantle the rest of the network. The options are nearly endless and would make for a truly unique and original show.

Really, I automatically thought of Fight Club and how interesting of a twist that would be.  CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES.  Yes, in particular the shipping possibilities.  Would Lisbon and the team try to save him from himself?  OR would he even tell them??  OMG, the acting possibilities for Simon Baker if he were to realize he was Red John and had to fight himself (not literally) because in the end only Jane or RJ could survive now that they were aware of one another.  HOLY SHIT.  I NEED AWESOME FIC ON THIS.  The possible angst and total breakdown of Jane (with Lisbon there to pick up the pieces of course).  My desire for angst clearly knows no bounds  *hangs head in shame* 

Is this an old theory and I'm just creepily excited for some reason?  

I've been watching this show WAY too much.  


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Aug. 11th, 2012 11:51 pm (UTC)
I've heard this theory before, and I think I've maybe seen a fic about it before, but can't remember for sure. Maybe I've just seen a fic where Jane becomes his new apprentice? IDK.

I don't particularly love the idea, but a few secondary characters have sort of considered it before in the show.
Aug. 12th, 2012 01:28 am (UTC)
Ya know, I really don't LOVE the idea because I really, really want to like Jane. And I obviously really, really LOVE Jane/Lisbon, which would probably be a problem if he would turn out to be a schizophrenic serial killer.

I think that the idea that a show would possibly do something that extreme is what draws me to it. It would just be so BALLSY and get so dark that I could totally accept it just for that. But if that were to happen I don't think that we'd really see any of the aftershock of the revelation. It would take an incredible group of writers to really pull something like that off properly, the easier way would just be The Reveal and then the end of the show, which is probably what would happen. Nuts.

I am having far too much fun just enjoying the show at the moment though!
Aug. 12th, 2012 04:55 am (UTC)
Hmm...If I come across a fic like that, I will send it your way. I don't have any theories on who RJ is at this point. It would certainly be very daring for them to go in that direction (and I kind of feel like that's something someone out there would have written a fanfic for).

I love Lisbon. Well, I loved her more in earlier seasons, but she's still my favorite character on the show.

And there is no such thing as too much of your current obsession (says the girl who has been ridiculously obsessed with Xena for weeks now. My eyes are ready to fall out of my head from all the reading and watching. I'm probably out of good fic, too. Dammit. Why must I pick dead fandoms? WHY?)
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