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every saint has a past, every sinner a future

stuck in limbo between the two

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9 January
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tell me a secret...

all you had to do was ask

life synopsis. go.

- animal lover; 3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 cat, 1 rabbit, and (forever) counting...
- atheist
- vegetarian
- indifferent, to be perfectly honest
- bisexual (... or asexual?)
- back in school for another degree
- multi-job-workaholic, yet chronically poor
- closet hippie, currently working on some dreadlocks
- beach bum but terrified of the ocean
- introvert (which is why the Internet is beautiful)
- tattooed
- daydreamer
- flying too high, melting my wax, every fucking time...

who is it that wears the mask?

lie to me. house. damages. lost. sons of anarchy. the pretender. farscape. battlestar galactica. justified.

lightman/foster. house/cuddy. john/aeryn. john/elizabeth. jarod/miss parker. adama/roslin. six/baltar. gemma/clay. jack/kate. sawyer/juliet. carter/abby. elliot/olivia. raylan/winona.

check your lips at the door, woman

I love TV because its my escape from real life. I want to be a Na'vi, a gargoyle, Batman, Six, Gillian Foster, Aeryn Sun, Lisa Cuddy, Bones, Elizabeth Weir, a wraith, someone on the other side of the alternate universe mirror, ANYONE.

I absolutely adore Lisa Edelstein (I can't even begin; you have no idea). Also, crazy respect for Torri Higginson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kelli Williams, and Tricia Helfer. To name a few. My only boy crush that I can think of is Zachary Quinto. I think he's dreeeeamy and loves dogs. I'm willing to overlook the fact that I like those damn, pointy-Spock!ears so much, and what that might mean...

I love football and hockey because it gives me something to be passionate about. Go Eagles. Go Ravens. Go Broncos. Go Flyers. Go UD and your Fightin Blue Hens.

I love Delaware and am proud to be a native. I hate obnoxious people from Jersey who come over the bridge to use our clean(er) beaches and our tax free shopping all the while calling us a bunch of rednecks and idiots because we're not cool enough to be from Jersey. Fuck you.

Holy Moses on a biscuit, i h8 ppl tht type liek ths all the tyme, omfglmfao!!1! Give me at least enough respect and consideration to type in a (somewhat) complete and legible sentence. The ability to be anonymous does not give you the right to be a moron.

I have issues. I think we all do. I tend not to feel too many emotions because every time I do, someone hurts me. I find it to be easier this way, to be detached from everything. I want to sleep forever, to watch a thousand crimson sunsets, to feel the first warmth of a spring sun, to hear the water tumble over the rocks in a creek, to taste the salt of the ocean breeze. I want to tattoo a million things onto my body and not have people ask me stupid questions about them.

I love my flist because they are my real friends. Because they know who I am and are still here (which I find amazing). I can never thank them enough for the support that they may not even realize that they're giving me.

I love waking up in the morning and being able to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise while the horses sleepily walk to the barn, their breath steaming in the crisp winter air, nickering for breakfast and greedily nuzzling my empty hands as we welcome the first hues of a brand new day. I hope I never stop loving that.

There is no God. There is only this.

shake your hips like battleships .

profile layout by nuttymusings

sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first. sometimes, the first thing you want never comes.

your wolf suit is wearing thin
and your real skin
looks like it never bleeds

two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl

todo lo que puedes imaginar es real

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